The St. Paul’s Scholarship Committee awards six different scholarships:

1. The Simminger Scholarship

In 1975, Mrs. Annie Simminger bequeathed a sum to the church, some of which has been used to fund the Simminger Service Scholarship Award.

2. The St. Paul’s Scholarship

In 1988, St. Paul’s Scholarship Committee began raising funds for a second Service Scholarship, which would be awarded annually from funds provided by that year’s donations. The amount available varies from year to year. Emergency scholarships may be available to church members.

The Simminger and St. Paul’s Scholarships are awarded to students who actively contribute to the community life and ministries of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church or whose parents or grandparents are members of  St. Paul’s United Methodist Church. These scholarships are based on church involvement and academic record.

3. The Helping Hand Scholarship

The Helping Hand Scholarship was established in December, 1988. The donor, Dr. Clair Weast, established the following guidelines for awarding this scholarship: To be eligible, the student must be a member (current or former) of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church or its successor. This scholarship is awarded to an Upper Division student (college junior or senior) majoring in the Sciences (Biological, Physical, Earth). It is based on 50% need, 25% academic excellence and 25% church-related activities.

4. The Velma Scarborough Scholarship

This scholarship was established in October, 2015, by family and friends of Velma Scarborough, to assist students attending an area Community College, such as San Joaquin Delta College or Modesto Junior College.

5. The Wilda Wilhite/Elsie Williams Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Aileen and Barry Williams in loving memory of their mothers to assist students who are seeking degrees in music, math or education.

6. The Endowment Fund Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2016 by the Endowment Committee to assist a member of St. Paul’s who is a high school graduate planning to attend a junior college, 4 year college, trade school, or a present student planning to continue their college education.

Application Information

Students may apply for any scholarship multiple times. The Simminger Scholarship may only be received once.   Applicants may receive other scholarships up to a maximum of four (4) years. All scholarships awarded expire one year from date of issue.  Applications for 2017 will become available shortly after the first of the year and are generally due around April 15, 2017.  Information is general in nature and subject to change by the Scholarship Committee.

Your complete application packet must include:

  • One sealed copy of all available transcripts
  • Verification of Church Involvement form sent directly from your current pastor or campus minister
  • A current photo of yourself
  • A letter of recommendation from an individual from your current school or church referring to your involvement in campus and/or church activities
  • A letter of recommendation from a current or previous employer, faculty member or director of volunteer activities
  • Scholarship funds awarded will be sent directly to your school upon receipt of verification of your enrollment.

Click here to download the 2017 scholarship application packet