July 2: Welcoming Christ

By welcoming Christ into out lives, we become transformed through a deep connection with God.  In his first sermon at St. Paul’s, pastor Jason Thornton shares the story of his journey from athiesm into Christianity, and the transformation of his life which occurred after he welcomed Christ.

July 9: Wish Dreams and God Dreams

We all have an ideal version of how we think the church should be, and we often find ourselves being disappointed when the church doesn’t seem to live up to our expectations.  But what would it be like if we accepted the church as God has given it to us?

July 16: Sowing the Seeds of the Kingdom

The Kingdom of God grows from a seed.  Huh?  What?  How can a Kingdom grow from a seed?  Come find out!

July 23: Weeds or Wheat?

A botanical field guide to the Kingdom of Heaven.

July 30: Mustard Seed Faith

Feeling worn down?  Feeling like you don’t have enough faith anymore?  Come find out how just a little tiny bit of faith can grow into an amazing Kingdom!