In 2015, St. Paul’s United Methodist Church celebrated 100 years of its founding. With a theme of Celebrating the Past, and Embracing the Future. Today, we also We Serve in the Present. Certainly St. Paul’s has had a rich history. Members have come from every walk of life and they have contributed greatly to the fabric of Manteca and surrounding community. They have been instrumental in farming, agriculture and canning, met medical needs as doctors, nurses and support staff; owned small businesses including jewelry, pharmacy, grocery, hardware and construction enterprises; served as teachers, school administrators, lawyers, city-state and federal workers—worked locally and even commuted to the Bay Area or other communities to support their families or themselves.

In 1965, The First Methodist Church of Manteca, a part of St. Paul's Federated Church, published a 22-page book commemorating the 50th anniversary of the congregation's founding in 1915.

This publication chronicles in great detail the first half-century of the church and the people that made it such a special place.

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